Lynda Franklin will be attending Rayleigh Library

The author, Lynda Franklin, will be coming to Rayleigh Library on the 27th.October, to read from her book, The Cat Called Cat. 
Lynda will  also be running some crafts alongside the story.


Cat may look just an adorable little tabby, but don't be misled by his appearance. For Cat is a witch's cat with attitude. 
One Halloween Cat falls from his mistress's broomstick and lands in Annie and Sam's back garden. As a witch cannot return to the same place until the following Halloween, Cat knows he must stay with the children until he can be rescued.
Cat is a difficult, but exciting guest to have around, and soon he takes the children on several adventures through the rose bush in the garden, leading to The Lane. 
Weird and wonderful people live in The Lane, and it's here they meet the Spell Master and Lady Prunella Pussinging, a beautiful white cat with a scary secret.
Eventually however, Halloween returns once more. What will happen to Cat now? Will his mistress return for him, or will he have to stay with Annie and Sam forever?